What is White Paper?

The development of White Paper is one of the main directions of the project preparation for entering the ICO.

White Paper is a comprehensive, multifaceted description of the project, which allows you to evaluate its potential and decide about investing in the project.

White Paper is a proven marketing tool within the content strategy.

White Paper is a close "relative" of the White Book (the official report on political events that the British government provided to the Parliament). This term has acquired its marketing value at the beginning of the XXI century, when it was used for materials that have practical benefits in the B2B sector.

What is White Paper used for?

Usually, White Paper is used to present the project to investors. However, this tool has a wider scope of application:

  1. Securing the company's expert status.
  2. Supporting the creation of a brand-new product in its segment.
  3. Technical evaluation or comparison of several proposals.
  4. Influencing competitors.
  5. Lead generation.
  6. Market education.
  7. Awareness raising.
  8. Involve the audience in a conversion scenario (for example, a subscription).

Who needs White Paper?

As a rule, for all projects planning to conduct ICO, it is necessary to develop White Paper.

The target audience of those in need of development White Paper can be divided into 3 groups:

Sale of something new.

Correctly presented detailed information, technical characteristics and description of benefits will help at the stage of launching and familiarizing potential consumers with a new product.

Offering of something complicated for understanding and perception.

The buyer may need help and clarification on the technologies used, know-how and other things that are difficult to catch at a quick acquaintance with the product or service.

Attracting investment.

When analyzing an object for investment, many questions may arise, including, some economic characteristics of the project. White Paper will provide answers to these questions and will help to make a reasoned decision.

In other words, the development of White Paper allows us to describe and "wrap" the project by conducting a comprehensive analysis and submitting the information in an appropriate manner. You should contact us if:

  • You work in the B2B segment.
  • The proposal deals with complex products with a long buying decision period.
  • You attract investors, take part in promo-events or exhibitions.
  • You need strong and weighty and convincing arguments for the negotiations.
  • You are interested in forming an expert image.

Main sections White Paper

Depending on the specifics of the project for entering the ICO and the transition to the use of block technologies, White Paper may consist of different sections, among which there are:

  • The concept of the project.
  • Legal aspects.
  • Examination and analysis of the market.
  • Representation of decision.
  • Used technologies.
  • Financial and economic indicators of the project.
  • Road map.
  • Live team.
  • Experts and advisors of the project.
  • ICO and tokenomics.
  • Other terms and conditions.

Our principles of developing White Paper

Why do our customers turn to specialists, and do not develop White Paper on their own?

It's simple: you need a team of marketers, psychologists, copywriters and economists to cope with such a serious task. Our staff consist of highly qualified specialists, working on our own methodology based on principles such as:

“Brevity is the soul of wit”. Even though there are White Paper up to 100 pages or more, it is optimal that the volume does not exceed 15-25 pages - this is how much the reader is able to read without detracting from its objectivity in deciding.

We focus on the availability of material using tables, graphs, diagrams, infographics and other elements, which increases ease of perception, accessibility for any audience and leads the potential reader to make an informed decision.

We develop White Paper for the target audience considering all possible aspects: psychological, social, demographic, and others, which determine the choice of language, wording, structure and other things.

We try to be extremely persuasive using interviews, cases, calculations, research and survey results for this, which shows expertness and readiness in solving real problems.

When preparing White Paper, only professional and quality editing, design and front-end web development are used.

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