Mining organization on turnkey basis

One of the most popular and large-scale areas in our business is mining on the turnkey basis for our clients. Any frames, restrictions and templates are thrown aside, that's why we are ready to render complex and qualified assistance both to individuals on the scale of several farms, and to serious investors, which are ready to organize large computational data centers.

Offer relevance

Today, the cryptocurrency market is developing with high dynamics, opening huge prospects. However, the configuration of mining largely determines the success of the future path, since at each stage there are specific challenges. There are 2 theses that are important to understand:

Yes, it is beneficial, if the system is set up and works like a clock. You can receive a stable passive income and enjoy your vacation on the paradise islands, while the mining farm is stable
Yes, you can lose all investments if you lose sight of important details, purchase inappropriate video cards for mining or other equipment. The devil is in the details

The only right decision of those who are aimed at serious work with profit, is an appeal to specialists:

  • Construction of farms for turn-key mining and their adjustment is our work, which we know at 5+, having a rich practical experience.
  • For all the time of existence of our team, we have faced all the issues and existing problems in the field of earnings on crypto-currencies, which can arise from the client, having a successful strategy for their solution.
  • You do not spend extra time and money buying ready-made farms for mining of crypto-currencies, for 100% collected, tested and adjusted products, brought to a high level of automation, coupled with the service of the European quality at each stage of the interaction, starting with the first appeal, and ending with constant support.

This is an axiom, if the equipment works qualitatively and safely, all technical issues are solved, and the risks are minimized.

What determines a business’s profitability?

Mining of crypto-currencies is an advantageous direction. Practice shows that profitability can be 30-200% per annum, and this is not the limit. You also can go this route, but clearly realizing that the level of income will depend on several factors, and you are able to influence them:

  • The correct choice and cost of equipment. The slightest error at this stage can be very expensive. You cannot rely on intuition, only a clear knowledge of the industry and all its aspects, which our specialists have!
  • The cost of electrical energy.
  • Competent adaptation and maintenance service.
  • Realization of maintenance of continuous work of machines. For example, a good ventilation system for mining allows you not to worry about an unplanned failure of equipment, but to make it good, it should be done by professionals.
  • Competent management. It's about consulting, since assembling farms for mining is 50% success. The second half is understanding when it is better to sell the crypto currency, update software and equipment, which platforms are ideal for earning and so on. Mining of bitcoins is a system that requires a clear knowledge of all the nuances, understanding the overall picture, and we are ready to become your guides, including in this direction.

In other words, profitability depends on 3 factors:

What level of data center is used for mining

Understanding the specifics of earnings on mining

Availability of qualified specialists for solving technical issues

Our employees have made designing of mining farms their favorite business, having collected a huge number of successful centers. We have firsthand knowledge about all possible options for components, the specifics of their work and assembly, all innovations in the field of solutions for mining.

What is the result? Mining farm that works perfectly and produces the highest-level result with minimizing risks. It is brought to the highest level of automation, does not differ in whimsicality, does not require constant monitoring, generating a good income. Dozens of satisfied customers can confirm our words in cases.

Mining on the turnkey basis: Steps to Success with Us

We offer a whole range of activities, which are closely related to each other and help 100% to solve all the issues, about the organization of mining regardless of the scale:

  • • Inspection and design of the premises for the data center of the mining. The premises for mining must meet an extensive list of requirements, so that in the future the work will be done on autopilot. We select the optimal power and tariff for electricity.
  • • Design, optimization and installation of power supply systems for those wishing to buy a mining farm on the turnkey basis. It includes electrical wiring, installation of security systems, remote control with existing devices. This should be done by narrow specialists who are aware of what business sector they are dealing with, to avoid the slightest shortcomings that are unimportant for a simple electrician.
  • • Design, installation, calculation of ventilation for mining.
  • • Selection, optimization and delivery of high-tech equipment.
  • • Design, installation and adjustment of equipment.
  • • Commissioning and further servicing of the data center. We provide technical support, conduct consultations and set up customers' machines in time so that they receive the maximum possible profit.

We work by demonstrating a client-centered approach, so we can also provide many related services:

Developing a detailed and thought-out business plan for presentation to investors.
Training and assistance at all stages, even if you are now at the very beginning of mining.

Mining on the turnkey basis as a business

A few years ago, it was difficult to imagine that mining would become such a promising area, capable of transforming someone into a rich person in a short time. This gave rise to the need for the emergence of new narrow-profile specialists able to provide support at all stages.

We offer you the organization, setting up the Zcash mining and others, and support from scratch:

  • Delivery of equipment at a loyal cost, as we cooperate directly with suppliers, which eliminates hidden fees and overpayments.
  • Setting up a mining farm from cover to cover, assembling machines, 100% ready for earnings.
  • Selection of suitable software to provide management and accurate control.
  • Selection of a place with the necessary capacities.
  • Drawing up a plan for assembling machines and ventilation for mining.
  • Comprehensive cost estimate preparation.
  • Installation works.
  • Connection of functional safety systems.
  • Consulting and training in the conduction of this business.
  • Warranty service.
  • Technical support at favorable tariffs, allowing to delegate us all your worries.
  • Full support, from the presentation of the investment project, and ending with the scaling of the business.

Our clients earn! On how much you earn, our share depends, so we are doing our best to make the numbers in your account maximum, being guided by the principles of honesty and openness.

We guarantee that you will earn from the very first working day of the farm. It is such a simple and profitable mining calculator, which will suit all aspects of the process.

Leave the request right now, and together we will discuss the possible prospects, considering the available requests and the budget!

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