Marketing and Global PR for ICO

The reality is that 90% of businesses that enter the ICO neglect marketing, whereas marketing is exactly 90% of the success. What is the concept of ICO? Mostly, this is the marketing of the proposed product, advertising and PR activities. Are you interested in a successful entering the ICO? We can help in creating wow-effect, offering a complex and multi-level service "Marketing and Global PR"!

Promotion features: let’s be frank and open

Let’s be frank and open. When it comes to blockchain and entering the ISO, marketing is a manipulation of consciousness, but in the good way. Customers need to sell air to investors, a product that does not yet exist. It is what happens in most cases.

How to convince someone to buy something non-existent, for example, the air? This requires a WOW effect! Of course, technology, software code and numbers work, but brightly outlined and realistic prospects, coupled with the dreams that the product will open to the world.

They are expressed in everything:

In the design.
In a properly submitted ideology.
In the context.

Let's avoid the mistakes of hundreds of startups and objectively look at the typical investor. He has neither the time nor the desire to read boring and long White Paper, and to study an unfamiliar terminology. He does not want to search information about you, which you did not deem necessary to provide him. All that the investor wants are tokens and 1000% of income, or even more. Every year, the number of people wishing to enter the ICO is increasing. If you cannot catch up the attention of investors from the very first seconds, your place will be taken by others. Ruthlessly!

Do not want to waste valuable time and take risks? Entrust marketing and promotion to the specialists, and we will be able to present the product and rebuild it from competitors! Leave the request right now, and we will hold for you a free consultation, answering any questions, and we will be able to form a unique selling proposition, so that you can see the level of our competencies and appreciate the benefits of cooperation within the framework of promotion on the global arena.

When it is possible to be engaged in marketing?

Marketing and Global PR have their time and place. So, the client should have a baseline in the form of:

However, we are ready to support our clients in the early stages, helping them in such areas as:

  • Naming and branding.
  • Positioning the solution.
  • Description of the unique properties of the product and its advantages.
  • Analysis of the competitive and information environment.
  • Formation of the decision model of the target group regarding the purchase.

All this is the "groundwork" of marketing and global PR, if you do not do it, the whole design will be sprinkled, like a house of cards. This is the difference between the professional and non-professional approaches.

Marketing strategy and promotion

If the "groundwork" is ready, it's time to announce it to future buyers of tokens. To succeed, you need to create an ICO marketing strategy, considering all the nuances of the industry. For this purpose, experts of our company preliminary answer on several key questions:

  • How to promote the ICO proposal in the world?
  • What is the communication strategy?
  • Which style, form and language need to be used for communication?
  • Who will be involved in the role of partners and experts with advisers?
  • What resources are needed?
  • What budget will be needed to realize the plan?

Процесс маркетинга

Then begins the painstaking work, which involves professionals from various fields:

  • Start of PR-campaign at the international level.
  • Work with different agents of influence.
  • Design elaboration.
  • Online inclusion in ICO trackers.
  • If it’s necessary, the creation of a support service and a hotline.
  • Bounty Program.
  • Creation of presentable website.
  • Generation of video content and presentations.
  • White Paper Development.
  • SMM, SEO and SERM.
  • Email marketing and other activities, considering the individual characteristics of the ICO's entering of each client and the level of his readiness.

ICO promotion tools

When entering the ICO, effective and truly working tools are very important. We, as professionals, use only those that have proved themselves in practice, as the most effective:

  1. We place information on listing sites or trackers, where people are waiting news about current or upcoming ICO.
  2. We work directly with market auditors and specialists in the project analysis with assigning them a rating.
  3. Collaboration with video bloggers allows you to bring the proposal to a new level, thanks to the popularization through reviews.
  4. Specialists of the company use the media of a new wave. On suitable media platforms, press releases, interviews and materials about the project are published, one-time or with the possibility of an upgrade.
  5. A good effect brings banner and contextual advertising on theme-based sites.
  6. On a vast base of investors appropriate mailings are made.

This is far from a complete list of tools, since each exit to the ICO is a separate story, a whole "biography", and from how we "write" it depends too much, so there is simply no room for a mistake. This is the only way to minimize risks and be sure that investors will hear your interesting proposal, which already, as it was said at the beginning, 90% of the success!

Leave a request making in a few clicks on the site, and this is the first step of a person who understands the importance of entering the ICO and realizing that marketing in this process plays a key role! We work, both in a complex way and solve specific urgent tasks of our customers.

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