ICO Organization

ITOLab company offers business solutions for preparation, support and implementation of projects in the field of Blockchain technologies. The experience of our specialists in business modeling, business management, economics, financial technologies, programming, law and marketing allows us to implement the project of any complexity. We will create an effective tool for the investment promotion. Our company will offer you a full range of services, beginning from creation of an economic model and finishing with the legal support and launching of the successful promotional campaign.

ICO as a tool for business development

Up to date, companies use innovative methods to attract investments. One of the most popular methods is crowdfunding, which has proven to be highly effective. But business is faced with many problems when trying to integrate with (for many people still being new) crypto-economics. ITOLab is ready to solve these problems. We offer solutions that can raise your business to a new level. Today this is of immediate interest, especially for innovative projects, for which it is difficult to attract investments for their successful implementation.

Why is it profitable?

ICO allows to get the fastest investment attraction without using expensive bank or other loans. Today, such solutions are actively used all over the world, including our country. To do this, there are objective reasons:

  • ICO provides an opportunity to attract investment at the earliest stage of development, prior to the implementation of the project;
  • The low entry threshold opens access for small investors;
  • In contrast to the traditional forms of attracting investment, the cost of ICO is low;
  • The possibility of attracting investors' funds from all over the world;
  • The requirement for a business model is more flexible than for traditional forms of investment attraction;
  • High speed of campaign organization;
  • Flexibility in project structuring.

The use of ICO makes it possible to attract investments into a start-up in short order, and without high costs. Success is ensured by the fact that today there is a high interest from investors, including small ones, and it is growing every day.

Professional assistance in entering the ICO

ICO is one of the most effective ways to raise funds. Even though it is relatively young, it has proven to be effective in practice. But it is important to understand that this process has its own special aspects. To achieve the result, it is necessary to prove that the reputation of the people promoting the project is clean and unblemished. All documents must be compiled correctly. It is necessary to prepare a business model that will reflect the project concept and attract the attention of the audience. Therefore, a successful ICO requires the consolidation of the efforts of various specialists.

To prepare and implement the ICO, it is required a whole team of specialists (business analysts, financiers, lawyers, marketers, psychologists, PR specialists, designers, programmers, editors, content managers, etc.). At the same time, their qualifications must meet high demands, they must work with many languages, since the target audience consist of native speakers of different languages.

Also, one should not forget about the legal support, since there are many risks during the preparation and implementation of the project. Therefore, it is impossible to be good without qualified legal assistance at every stage of ICO.

To minimize risks and achieve results, it is necessary to enlist the assistance of companies specializing in conducting ICO on turnkey basis.

Contacting us, you come into possession a team of experienced professionals who have years of experience in implementing projects in the field of Blockchain technologies. We will help to avoid pitfalls, mistakes, additional costs and to ensure that we move forward according to a clearly defined plan.

Solution Packages

ITOLab guarantees a successful ICO. As part of its implementation, we offer multifaceted solutions that will help you to score a success, or conduct ICO on turnkey basis. We offer a professional approach and the shortest terms for accomplishing the challenges.

Creating the right image is a complex creative process. It is necessary to develop a unified corporate style, create a site for ICO with a system of internal wallets and a proven security system. We take personal charge of these concerns, our experts will prepare the site and White Paper, develop promotional videos and presentations to ensure that not only everyone has known about your start-up, but also decided to invest in it.

Integration package

This package includes preparatory works. Our experts thoroughly study the client's business, and completely immerse in it. This provides an opportunity to understand the expectations of the investor and allows you to think about further detailed steps of project implementation. Our experts analyze the market for developing a business model and marketing strategy. Within the package solution you get the following services:

  • immersion in the start-up, its examination and analysis;
  • creation of the economic model of the company, implementation of the "Blockchain" technology;
  • tokenomics, definition of the nature of the internal crypto currency of the Token project;
  • development and creation of "White Paper";
  • implementation of FOMO (Fear of missing out);
  • development of a schedule for the implementation and development of the "Road map" project.

The preparatory stage is very important, since the result largely depends on the quality of the preparation. It is necessary to foresee everything, and consider every detail. Our experienced team can easily cope with this task.

Image-building package

An equally important procedure is the announcement of a startup. To bring information about the project to the maximum number of potential investors, a high-quality PR campaign is needed. It is necessary to approach its implementation in a comprehensive manner, the most experienced specialists in the field of PR and marketing are needed here, specialists, that can convey the strengths of the project to the target audience. This is the key to success. Within the image-building package you receive the following set of services:

  • development of a unified corporate style;
  • creation of a site for ICO;
  • «White Paper» design;
  • Filling content;
  • Web Site Optimization;
  • Training in working with the site and the administrative interface;
  • Video creation.

Creating the right image is a complex creative process. It is necessary to develop a unified corporate style, create a site for ICO with a system of internal wallets and a proven security system. We take personal charge of these concerns, our experts will prepare the site and White Paper, develop promotional videos and presentations to ensure that not only everyone has known about your start-up, but also decided to invest in it.

Technology package

The technology package includes a set of services related to the practical implementation of the ICO. We apply and connect technology solutions based on Blockchain technology to an existing business, or we create software for a separate goal. We provide qualified assistance and offer the following services:

  • development of technical architecture of the project;
  • development and implementation of financial logic;
  • Smart contract;
  • analysis and improvement of the security system;
  • testing the system;
  • release of tokens.

You do not need to look for highly qualified specialists who will provide technological support. Employees of our company provide a full range of services, from the development of the technical architecture of the project to the release of tokens.

Legal Package

Our company, in the context of cooperation, offers legal support for ICO projects based on Blockchain technology. Contacting us, you receive multi-level legal assistance at every stage of project development and implementation. In Russia, as in many other countries, there is no policy framework which regulate the use of Blockchain technologies. Therefore, there are a lot of risks that need to be considered. We offer:

  • legal aid on the project's tokenomics, its positioning, recommendations on writing White Paper and the home page of the site;
  • package of contracts for the purchase of a token, Terms of use of the site and Privacy Policy, selection of jurisdiction for ICO;
  • consultations are provided by lawyers with extensive experience in supporting primary offers of tokens.

Our company helps not only to release tokens, but also to issue their emission and distribution under the current legislation. We also undertake the preparation of all related documents.

Promotional package

Advertising is needed at each stage of the project. It is necessary to constantly warm up the interest of investors, expand the target audience and bring new information to the users. Today, to implement these activities, there are many tools. So, it is important to choose the most effective and competently use them. Our company has a multifaceted approach to the implementation of the advertising campaign. We place information about the project on thematic forums, including those that are foreign-language, develop promotional videos, reviews, promote social networks, create press releases, etc. This allows you to expand the audience of potential investors and bring to them all necessary information. Within the promotional package, you receive following services:

  • creation and optimization of PR-campaign;
  • work with "Public chats" (Telegram, WeChat, Reddit, GitHub, Slack);
  • launch of an advertising campaign on the main theme-based web sites;
  • active work on the "Blockchain community" forums;
  • creation of video reviews in Russian and English;
  • ICO blogging in English;
  • creation and launch of "Bounty Campaign";
  • news reviews and newsletters, articles, press releases;
  • contextual advertising setting for Yandex Direct and Google Adwords;
  • targeted advertising setting in VK, Facebook, Instagram.

It is of great importance to identify the target audience. We need to concentrate on potential investors who are familiar with Blockchain technologies, and have the experience of investing in similar projects. Our specialists provide the professional support even after the launch of the advertising campaign, they continue to attract the audience, work with comments, negative feedbacks, etc.

Why choose us

ITOLab is one of the leading companies in Russia, offering ready-made solutions for launching and managing ICO. We will help you save time and money by taking on the solution of complex, non-standard tasks. We are used to finding answers to difficult questions, and we are successfully implementing projects of the highest level.

We believe that the Blockchain technology will change the world for the better, therefore it is important for us to implement such projects. Our team consist of professionals in the field of business modeling, financial technologies, marketing, PR technologies, IT, in legal and financial matters. Here, you can order both separate solutions, and ICO on a turnkey basis.

We are sure that every ICO is unique, as well as any business. Therefore, each client is treated individually. Use your chance, but remember that not all ICOs can collect the necessary amount. The reason for this is a lot of "pitfalls" and the complexity of the process. And only ITOLab professionals will reduce risks to a minimum, hold you "by the hand" at all stages and will ensure the success of your project.

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