Building a business model using Blockchain

Starting from 2016, our company "ITO Lab" successfully creates and develops Blockchain projects. We use a multifaceted approach to the implementation of projects in the field of Blockchain-technologies, thereby ensuring a successful entering the ICO.

Why is this currently topical?

In just a few years the Blockchain industry has proved to the whole world its objective value - the ability to digitize any kind of assets, from electronic money and ending with financial instruments, real estate rights, access keys, documents.

In technical terms, companies previously had not the opportunity to maintain reliable and secure data registries in electronic format and as an intermediary was used paper, or depositories, notaries, brokers, and so on.

In case of the Blockchain, a digital decentralized form of asset ownership allows to do the operations:


Any entrepreneur is interested in this, so this technology is of great interest all over the world. We take part in the implementation of various Blockchain projects, including those related to the issuance of crypto-currencies.

The number of Blockchain projects is constantly growing - "blockchains" can be used by organizations that work in any industry and provide their consumers with goods or services in a decentralized form.

The release of own cryptocurrencies allows you to build your own internal tokenomics (an economy based on using an internal token) to:

To finance the development of business.

Motivate the participants of this "ecosystem".

There are practically no restrictions on the entering of projects the ICO

These can be investment projects, either legal, or working in the field of show business, or associated with the release of software. For each similar company Blockchain is very valuable, as it allows you to make the offered products / services:

At the same time, many projects related to the implementation of Blockchain and entering the ICO have some differences from traditional companies:

  1. Most projects do not have a legal entity and unambiguous jurisdiction.
  2. Project owners, if they wish, can remain unknown.
  3. The inefficient and obsolete bureaucracy is eliminated, since objective decisions are now being accepted on the basis of a special programmed consensus algorithm.
  4. Illegal takeover is completely excluded.
We are convinced that tomorrow is with ICO-projects.

Usually, for the ICO, a White Paper project is being developed that contains all or some of the following elements:

  • • Market analysis;
  • • Overview of the used technologies;
  • • Live team;
  • • Advisers and mentors of the project;
  • • Business model.

The last point is very important, since without it no Blockchain mechanism will work.

We are ready to develop for you a business model of the project using Blockchain.

For whom is our proposal?

Companies from the real business.

Blockchain technologies can be successfully integrated into existing companies of different sectors. The specialists will find suitable solutions for optimizing processes and ensuring maximum safety, and will also help make the model attractive for investment through the use of Blockchain. Our clients can be already existing companies from the real business sector.


We successfully cooperate with start-ups, from scratch creating working models and making the assessment of their development prospects. We beautifully pack the ideas to increase their investment attractiveness.

Innovative ideas, projects and products

We are open and help people who have a product or idea and understand how to develop it, but do not have the necessary resources and opportunities to implement it.

What is the business model used for?

The development of a business model using Blockchain is relevant not only to attract attention from investors. The business model is:

  • A remarkable tool for strategic planning.
  • An irreplaceable tool of business planning and investment analysis.
  • An effective tool for solving current operational problems.
  • A control tool for the implementation of long-termed goals and so on.

What does the business model include?

Each project is unique. We are against stamps and clichés even in such tasks. The development of a business model is not an exception.

When developing a business model, a voluminous work is carried out, including:

  1. Justification of the company's goals on the ground of multifaceted examination of the competitive market.
  2. Pre-money valuation of the project.
  3. Prediction of floating capital growth.
  4. Estimation of stages of investment, duration of the investment phase, timing of the commissioning and project implementation.
  5. Prediction of the growth of net asset value and project capitalization.

In addition, it is of fundamental importance to determine the key points related to the use of Blockchain technology when entering the ICO:

  • Are there any alternative technical solutions?
  • What is the current and prospective demand for goods / services?
  • An objective price level.
  • Difficulty level.
  • Scope and composition of necessary documentation.
  • Specificity of the investment environment.
  • The ratio of revenue / costs and so on.

A competent business model covers several or all directions:

  1. Strategic planning.
  2. Brand formation.
  3. Human resource management.
  4. Management and marketing considering ICO.
  5. Consumers relationships.
  6. IT strategy.
  7. Logistics.

Depending on the scope of the client's business, a suitable adapted business model will be developed: undifferentiated or differentiated, segmented and outwardly oriented, adaptive and integrated with innovative processes.

What should be the business model?

In order for business to work or continue to develop in the right direction, it is required to develop a sure-handed business model. In the case of Blockchain and entering the ICO, there are specific features. The help of specialists will help to avoid a lot of pitfalls and even a complete failure of the project:

  • Technology of improving the efficiency that eliminate a duplication of information. This approach will eliminate the direct and indirect costs associated with the need to support multiple copies of the same data.
  • In the case of start-ups, a solution or platform can be implemented for less money than traditional technology-based development through pre-optimization at the stage of building a business model.
  • The ability of quickly scaling of products and services, the implementation of which relies on the use of Blockchain technology and access to the ICO.
  • With the use of Blockchain technologies and the development of an adequate business model, qualitatively new products appear in such industries as finance, healthcare, supply support, trade, show business, advertising, media and others. This list can be continued indefinitely.
  • The use of the Blockchain guarantees transparency of transactions and exclusion of fraud risks. The development of the business model will allow to focus attention on this direction considering the specificity of the concrete business.

Simply put, we create a model of the company's economic activity - a reliable and intuitive description of the processes, with consideration of all the rules and requirements.

We use the most modern tools and instruments for business model developing, and as a result, you will see an easy-to-understand document in accessible formats:

3D models

Each project is unique depending on its goals and objectives, the created business model can cover the whole company or concentrate only on the main processes, and can be used to identify company’s weaknesses and search for alternatives. If you have already appreciated the attractiveness of Blockchain technologies and plan to enter the ICO, then pay close attention to the development of a competent business model.

We will be glad to help you, demonstrating a professional approach, efficiency and flexible pricing policy.

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