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Main services

Business Development
  • Product market research and analysis
  • Business model of the project
  • Financial model of the project
  • Project tokenomics research and calculation
  • Blockchain integration
  • FOMO-approach integration
  • Token legal model definition
  • White Paper
Software Engineering
  • ICO Website
  • Smart Contracts development and implementation
  • Crypto Wallets creation
  • Financial logic programming
  • Blockchain platform analyses & selection
  • Ecosystem design and programming
  • Issue of the Tokens
  • Security audit
Legal support
  • Legal & tax risks analyses
  • Selection of legal concept of the token
  • Contractual model development
  • Criminal and legal risks assessment
  • Data protection risks & limitations assessment
  • Jurisdiction selection for ICO
  • Legal support during ICO
  • Escrow agent services
Marketing and PR
  • Marketing strategy
  • PR campaign
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Crypto community relationships
  • Public chats management
  • Bounty campaigns
  • Media marketing & targeting
  • Video clip creation

Investment management

Digital assets expertise

Digital assets expertise helps to evaluate digital assets of the project and use their current and prospective liquidity to assess project's capitalization. The expertise includes the evaluation of the available digital assets of the project, including investments in the crypto currency, preparation of an expert opinion on the current project capitalization based on these assets.

Project Risk Assessment Protocol

Risk assessment protocol allow to assess risks with the involvement of qualified experts and develop necessary recommendations for risks reduction. Risk assessment includes the analysis and ranking of various types of project risks, the calculation of risks, the formation of an overall project risk assessment, and development of recommendations to reduce the critical types of risks and the overall risk of the project.

Trust asset management

Trust asset management is a unique opportunity for customers who value time and trust professionals to get a stable profit day to day. Trust asset management assumes taking the assets into management with guaranteed profitability and liquidity level, as well as dividends payments for managed assets in accordance with the established schedule.

Cryptocurrency trading at stock exchange

Trading cryptocurrencies at stock exchange allows customers to make profit from available funds through the professional trading on the cryptocurrency stock exchanges. This service includes professional and technical analysis of available cryptocurrency assets and its trading opportunities, trainings with professional traders and payment of dividends based on the results of the trading.

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Pavel Gamzovich
Chief Executive Officer
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Co-founder, IT Director
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Executive Director
Denis Shishkov
Chief Technology Officer
Vyacheslav Triputin
Business analyst
Aleksandr Bondar
Legal advisor
Oleg Gorbylyov
Sales & Marketing Advisor
Vadim Galygin
Creative director
Mikhail Kuzmin
Financial analyst
Anatoliy Shakin
Exchange analyst (trader)
Andrey Evmenchik
Senior Software Developer
Андрей Королев
Web designer


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